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EMF Dangers of Wi Fi, Smart Meters & Mobile Phones Part 2

EMF Dangers of Wi Fi, Smart Meters & Mobile Phones Part 2
Last week in Part 1 we discussed the dangers Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF’s) produced by wireless Baby Monitors and Cordless Phones, if you missed Part 1 then go to .
Most people assume that wireless technology is safe, it is not common knowledge to assume other wise, but now that you know the dangers inherent in cordless phones, baby monitors and wi fi routers, which I alerted you to in last week’s article, what steps are you going to take to safeguard you and your family’s health? Are you going to exercise the Precautionary Principle and “err on the side of caution” until more is known? Or until stricter guidelines are put in place to control this technology, indeed exercising the “ Precautionary Principle “ would in light of the mounting evidence be the sensible thing to do, especially in regard to both your own and your children’s health. Spurned on by advancing technology an un-wary public are today buying these devices at an alarming rate simply because they are convienient (no wires).
Hearing is Believing
Wireless microwave energy generally goes un-noticed, simply because this health hazard is silent, its only when you hear the effects that you realise there is an unseen, very disturbing pulsating energy at work. Have a look at my YouTube video where I use a detector to hear the pulsed radiation from a baby monitor, this will shock you! “hearing is believing” See here- or google forum4change blog. Wireless technology is a real danger to the health and well being of a growing population. A lot of children’s toys and gaming machines etc are now nearly all wireless. Yes its great I hear you say!, at long last no more heaps of wires to content with, this is what makes the wireless option very convienient and attractive when considering buying a product.
Wi Fi, Smart Meters and Mobile Phones
Wireless Internet routers/modems, mobile phones and Electric Smart Meters use dangerous electromagnetic radiation; See here-! Wi-Fi signals can easily penetrate concrete walls. TV and radio signals are barely strong enough to do so, that is why if you move your FM or AM radio ariel around you get a better signal. Also the FM transmitting station is many miles from your home. In comparison to this you get the Wi Fi signal anywhere in the house very strongly because the Wi Fi transmitting station (your router) is in your home!! To give you an idea; FM Radio transmitts no higher than 108 megahertz (MHz) from its transmitter many miles away, now consider that there are 1000 megahertz in a gigahertz (GHz), well lets compare these power levels ; your Wi Fi (as does cordless phones and baby monitors and smart meters) transmitts 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) thats 2,400 megahertz but not from a safe distance like the FM, but from inside your home !!! Because of demands 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi technology is now used in nearly everything these days, personal computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth hands-free handsets, wireless video game consoles etc. Many countries in the world have now taken Wi Fi out of classrooms, but here in Ireland they are putting it in. Search youtube for- “wi fi in schools proven dangerous” and wi fi dangers, which is a BBC Panorama programme.
Smart Meters
Did you know your electric supplier is considering a National roll of Smart Meters to replace your current analogue meter, these smart meters will be pulsing out microwave radiation 24/7 through your home, and your neighbours home, do not consent to having one fitted. Remember they will tell you its all safe and regulated
Mobile Phones.
Smart mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful too with 4G on the way.The European Reflex Study showed that: one minute on a mobile phone creates as much DNA damage as one chest x-ray. Many people do not want an alternative to their mobile phone; they want to be able to use them for more and more purposes. The telecommunications companies encourage this and the Government benefits from increased tax revenues as a result.
Switch your cordless phone base station and Wi Fi router off at night, you will sleep better.
When you come off your computer switch off the Wi Fi router at the mains. Get rid of cordless phones in your home altogether and go back to wired. Knock off the wireless setting on your router and use network plugs instead. Use speakerphone when talking, if not keep phone a good inch away from your ear (always). Don’t use mobile phones for long calls, use landline instead. Never use your phone or 3G in the car, the phone has to power up more to get the signal out through the steel frame of the car. Dont let the electricic company fit a digital Smart Meter, put a sign and lock on your meter box, remember you own the meter box, Google forum4change blog for details of the sign. Google “grounded and earthing” for another way of protecting yourself. ERR on the side of caution. Just remember cigarrettes and asbestos were once considered safe. Protect yourself, its up to you. See this great website for more detailed solutions-
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