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Every year I get very bad hay fever what does Chinese medicine have to offer for this problem?

This is now the best time of the year to have a preventative treatment for hay fever.
When it comes to allergies and asthma, I beli

eve that Chinese medicine provides excellent preventive and remedial therapies. Chinese medicine helps relieve the acute attacks. But even more importantly, it can identify the root cause of such allergic responses and, based on that Chinese diagnosis, suggest ways to prevent attacks from occurring in the future. This is the real benefit of Chinese medicine – lifetime freedom from runny nose, itchy eyes, and gasping for breath. The solution is in your hands. Even better, Chinese medicine is free from side effects. I believe that Chinese medicine can alleviate a lot of needless suffering. Although the side effects of western drugs are less than they used to be, many patients do not want to stay on drugs for a long period of time. Happily, Chinese Medicine provides a time-tested alternative to Western drugs when it comes to the treatment of hay fever and other allergies. Because Although other factors, such as exercise and stress play a part in many people’s hay fever, modification of one’s diet is usually the cornerstone of the Chinese medical treatment plan. Happily, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine make such dietary changes easier to implement.
Some of the best herbal remedies used in conjunction with Acupuncture is the herbal formula Bi Yan Pian and Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pian there are also many others all depending on the symptoms and signs.

A good treatment plan would be to treat the hay fever during an attack, but better still would be the strategy of preventative treatment usually carried out several months before the hay fever season, acupuncture points and herbs would be chosen to strengthen the immune system and treatment would be carried out right up to the days when the pollen count would be at its strongest, if the patient did then contract hay fever symptoms they would only be very mild and be of short duration, then points and herbs would be chosen to treat the symptoms as they occur. This same treatment strategy would then be continued the following year and the symptoms would become less and less until the patient was completely cured.