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Is There a Cure for the Common Cold?

Is there a cure for the common cold? Yes there is, but most people would think the opposite, Well think again! Chinese acupuncture and herbs offer a very effective way of treating the common cold, one that dramatically reduces its duration and sev

erity. If a cold is treated in its initial stage–when one is just starting to experience the odd sniffle and sneeze—a few acupuncture treatments and dose of herbs can stop the cold from progressing, and the person should feel fine in about a day or so. But people tend to suffer the cold and flu needlessly because they have wrongly been lead to believe that there is no cure for it, but nothing could be further from the truth! Acupuncture and herbal medicine will drive out the cold and support the immune system in such a way that the progression of the virus will occur with much less discomfort. One of the best herbal formulas to use in the early stages of a cold is called Bi Min Gan Wan or Yin Chiao Jie Du Pian .In order to understand how Chinese medicine explains the common cold, we must realise it is a system of energy medicine. To the ancient Chinese, everything in the universe is a manifestation of energy, called qi (pronounced chi) According to Chinese medicine, the symptoms of the common cold appear when there is a struggle between the “correct” qi the (immune system) of the body and “pathogenic” qi. (Viruses) The effect of pathogenic qi on the body was described metaphorically in terms derived from nature.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese medical books describe six types of pathogenic qi or viruses–wind, heat, cold, dampness, dryness and summer heat. The first three are most important for understanding the common cold. The clinical manifestations of the pathogenic factors mimic the actions of their counterparts in nature. Wind arises quickly and changes rapidly. It moves swiftly, blows intermittently, and sways the tops of trees. In the body, it creates symptoms that come on suddenly, change rapidly, move from place to place, and affect the top of the body first like the head nose and eyes, and maybe the neck and shoulder muscles. Wind carries things in nature, such as leaves or dust viruses, and in Chinese medicine, it is often the vehicle through which cold and heat invade the body driven by the wind, hence the reason for so many colds and flu’s at the change of season from autumn to winter. The discovery of viruses as causative agents in disease was a rather recent event in the history of science. Ancient systems of Chinese medicine had developed different concepts for explaining disease. In spite of the fact that these medical systems evolved before man developed a technology that allowed him to extend his senses into the microscopic realms, the Chinese treatments of disease are often remarkably effective, a fact now corroborated by modern science. Research has shown, for example, that acupuncture enhances the functioning of the immune system, increasing cellular and humeral immunity.

My Own Cure

Here is my own natural cure for the cold that I advise my patients to combine with Chinese herbal and acupuncture treatment and it works great in my experience. At the first sign of a sneeze or a sniffle get 2 slices of lemon, chop up ginger root (enough to fill a large tablespoonful), get some cloves from your local supermarket, get 1 crushed garlic clove, 1 teaspoonful manuka honey, and a little whiskey or brandy, put it all in a pot of boiled water and gently simmer for 5 minutes to infuse and allow to cool for a few minutes before drinking/ sipping, when finished eat the ginger root! Entirely! You must repeat this at least 6 times a day for it to be effective, re-use all the ingredients again (except the ginger of course which you have just eaten) and just add more ginger root and whatever else seems depleted for the second infusion, the second infusion is usually better that the first one, do not do a third infusion, use all new ingredients for the third infusion.

The ginger will drive out the cold from the body and help the accumulation of dampness in the stomach which could lead to nausea. Lemon is very antiseptic and cleansing and will help the throat as well.


In the language of Chinese medicine, if the qi of the body is strong, it is much more difficult for pathogenic factors to get a foothold. Hence, Chinese medicine can be used preventively, which is particularly good news for those of us who catch colds frequently. In China people would always have an a course of acupuncture treatment just before the change of season from Autumn to Winter to guard against the cold and also from Winter to Spring to guard against the wind.

Yu Ping Feng Wan is a commonly used herbal formula to prevent frequent common colds, and allergies. This herbal formula treats a deficient weak immune system, which makes an individual vulnerable to a common cold, flu, and allergies. An individual who is frequently sick or suffers a lot from allergies has a weak Wei Qi Field; (immune system) this protects the body from external pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Wei Qi is the body’s first line of defence against any infectious disease. A person with weak Wei Qi more easily catches cold; more frequently catches colds, and is more susceptible to allergies, such as hay fever. It is a very good idea to undergo a course of Acupuncture with Yu Ping Feng Wan to prevent colds and flu at the change of the seasons but just to have the immune system strengthened at any time of the year would be beneficial and would go a long way to increasing your overall health.